Contributing to 77ísland

Q | How can I contribute to 77ísland - official discography?

A |
We need to know the following bits of information from you on any release
you submit: title, track listing, format,, record label, release date, description
and scans or photographs. Track times are optional but desirable. You may provide
a HTML URL if you like and we will save the item that way. Once you have all that
information or as much as you can get send it to You may also
upload scans directly to the 77island server using our direct upload webform.
In order to send text via the web form, save it as txt or doc file and upload together
with your images.

Image guidelines

We'd like for everyone to use these new guidelines so that everything looks
a little more cohesive. The steps below are pretty simple, so you should be
able to apply them to whatever graphics editing program you prefer.

1. Please do not scan cds and cd sleeves together with the jewelcases.
However, if the jewelcase comes with stickers on the front or back or has
a unique design or shape, we would love to get an image of it as well.

2. Please scan images at 150 dpi min. This is sufficient for images without small text.
Use 200 dpi for backcovers with very small text. 300 dpi is the maximum we may consider.

3. If the image is skew please do not rotate it. We will do it ourselves.
Please try to put the booklet on scanner as straight as possible.

4. There's no need to crop, re-size, sharpen or contrast the images. We prefer
to edit all images ourselves. However, if you are a professional, we would welcome
colour correction and all other necessary edits you would like to perform for us.

5. Ideally, please save the images in TIFF format.
If you prefer JPEG please select the best compression level.

6. Image naming. Please use file names that clearly describe your item.
We suggest the following template for file names:


Example: For the Argentina Biophilia CD album the file name would be:

7. Some of the scans already listed are old and not in fantastic quality. You
are more than welcome to send us scans in better quality to replace images.

Thank you for your help!

Errors in the discography

Although we attempt to be as accurate as possible, there might be errors
of course. If you find any errors or want to add some details to the discography
please get it contact and send an email to connection

There's a 77island section at - a powerful discography portal for any
artists out there and the ultimate place to list music collections. We now directly
link each release available at discogs, so you can easily add releases to your
collection if you get used to 77island interface.

Compilations and bootlegs

This discography lists compilation releases only if they contain songs or remixes
that are not to be found on any official Björk release. Compilation releases offering
Björk tracks that are also to be found on official releases are not covered.
Our section at attempts to list all available compilations that include
Björk tracks, no matter whether tracks have been released on Björk releases or not.

Furthermore, this section is going to be a portal for unoffical Björk releases such
as live bootlegs and DJ vinyl releases.

Please note that the list in its current version does not include all compilations and
bootlegs available in the discogs database. We do, however, our best to link up to
all of them in the future. So far, we invite everyone to submit.


The most frequently asked question:

Q | Where can I find the Gling-Gló album?

A |
Gling-gló was released in 1990, when Björk was still part of the Sugarcubes,
so look in that section. Here's a direct link to save you some time.

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