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westwood one radio networks


april 1997
westwood one
cd in cardboard sleeve

track 1
track 2
track 3

note: live at manchester academy, manchester 1993. basically a cd of a radio broadcast, but it is an official one sent out by an entertainment label called westwood one for the radio stations to play as a part of their schedule called 'in concert'. the promo cd contains three tracks - each forms a segment of the radio show. each track contains introduction time (applause), songs which run into each other and then a series of 30 second adverts. this disc is disc 2 of a 2cd set. disc 1 features bush recorded live at roxy, los angeles. evidently both were meant to be aired together. track 1: applause into music, human behaviour, violently happy, commercials. track 2: applause into music, venus as a boy, play dead, crying, commercials. track 3: applause into music, there's more to life than this, big time sensuality, army of me, applause out. also comes with two cue sheets. one gives a tracklisting, the other gives an example of the commentary the dj should speak before each section begins (where it was recorded, sponsors that must be mentioned etc).

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